Be the Person Behind Your Brand Influence

It used to be that a business name and logo represented the brand, culture, quality and product of a company. However, today with the power of social media, that is moving from a generic company voice to an individual human interaction.

That voice can be you.

Let me reword that…that voice IS you. 

If you are using social media to connect with customers, centers of influence, peers or business leaders, the message should be coming from you. By that I mean, rather than the “corporate speak,” the flat, one dimensional marketing message, the power is in your personal opinion; your behind the scenes story.

For example, say you are in the sales department for a national manufacturing firm. You not only understand your product but you have a unique view point of your target customer, their needs, their pain and the solution your product provides. 

Rather than sharing marketing stats, share the inside scoop. Use your voice to share your expert knowledge, your best practices, your lessons learned.

People want to connect with other people and when they read your social media content, whether it is on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and see that you are sharing interesting, insightful tips, they will want more. 

It is possible that we may see the big corporate logos being replaced over time with the humans behind that corporate entity. The Jane Smith of R&D, the Sue Brown of Manufacturing, the Lisa Jones of Implementation and Testing, the Connie Lee of Branding who share their stories of how a product is developed and brought to life. 

You have a unique perspective and when you use social media to share that knowledge, people will connect your name with your industry and begin to think and refer to you as the “XYZ” Expert -the go to person for all things XYZ. 

Andrea Learned was recently interviewed about how she sees Twitter being used for Thought Leadership Discussions. Listen to her excitement and passion around the ability that social media provides for us to connect human to human on a given subject.


Are you using social media to create a name for yourself, to be the thought leader for your industry? Start with LinkedIn. Use your status updates as a place to share your thoughts and opinions – ask questions – start discussions. Keep your name in front of prospects – be your own personal brand.