Be the Example

“Do as I say, not as I do.”

A familiar phrase but certainly not the words from one who is trying to make a difference in the world. While researching the idea of setting a good example, I came across a few really great articles that offered suggestions.

The first is an article on Leadership Qualities. Author Dan McCarthy offers 15 ways that managers can set a good example of leadership for their team. Some are common sense but most bear repeating. Here are just the first five:

1. Arrive to work and meetings on time, and don’t make a habit of leaving early.

2. Pay attention to your own development. Be a humble and continuous learner, and be transparent about your development needs and what you are doing to overcome them.

3. Ask for feedback – be open to it and listen – and be willing to give caring, constructive, and frank feedback to others.

4. Be open to change – especially when the change isn’t your own idea. When a change is announced, employees will be looking at you to see how they should react.

5. Don’t participate in gossip, spreading rumors, or speaking poorly about your boss, fellow managers, or about another one of your employees.

Amber Rae wrote an article about Being the Example (in fact the image above is from her site!) Here are a few of her comments on the subject;

If you want to “change the world,” I ask of you this: what are you doing to change yourself? How are you living into the change you wish you see?

If you want to inspire others, I ask of you this: what do you do to inspire yourself? What does being the example look and feel like to you? 

If you want to teach anything, I ask of you this: how are you mastering that which you speak?

All change begins with you. 

Whatever we seek to inspire within others, we must first master within ourselves. 

Finally, I fell in love with Debbie Goldman who has started a 501c3 called Be the Example. Her personal journey is incredible and I encourage to visit her site or check her out on Facebook to learn more about what she has overcome at a young age…but first, I want to share a few of her thoughts on the idea behind “Be the example.”

The heart is the center where the mind, body and spirit unite. When we open the door to our hearts, we discover the storehouse of treasures just waiting to be recognized. Within our hearts lies a great capacity for “heart-centered” feelings such as understanding, acceptance, compassion, gratitude and kindness.

Experiencing heart-centered feelings strengthens our heart muscle and contributes to a healthier body, a clearer mind and a more vibrant spirit. When we give these gifts to ourselves we have more to give to others.

Debbie and her organization have managed to start and grow a number of initiatives all under the guise of “being the example.” No mission is too grand, no task to challenging when we come together with common hearts and minds and lend our skills, passions and experience to a cause.

What example are you for those around you to emulate?  It is a daily mind set that we have to embrace in order to keep focused on our mission rather than get bogged down by the mundane. Let us know what you are leading in your community. Visit us on Facebook and share.

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