Be More Productive with an Idea Journal

Spend a little time checking out this mind map that was published on Elephant Journal. You may find some interesting ideas for being more productive like creating a fashion “uniform” for work that cuts down on the time it takes to select your clothes, or stop watching the news.

However, the idea that popped off the page was the creation of an Ideal Journal.

How many times do you think of a project, entrepreneurial idea, travel plan or a product that you might like to look into creating? You keep it balanced in your brain along with all of the other important information you manage each day and pretty soon you forget that creative, clever idea.

What about picking up an inexpensive notebook for your purse or using an app on your phone that allows you to jot down notes. Then put all of those ideas, phrases, words, quotes or projects that come to mind in your Ideal Journal. They are captured for another day when you have time to review.

As a business owner, there have been seminars that I have attended, workshops, presentations that have sparked creative ideas for my business and I will make notes in the margins of the handout and then proceed to forget once I get back to the business of doing business.

Periodically I will review notes from years past and come upon a little gem that I wrote in the margins and think “Oh, that is a great idea! Why didn’t I do anything with that?”

I am sure you all have little post-it notes or napkins or backs of envelopes where you have done the same thing. How about making 2014 the year of the Idea Journal where you keep all of those nuggets in one place.

Check out the Notebooksapp for iPhone or iPad. Have an Android? Check out this list of notebook apps for Androids.  Are you a more tangible, creative person? Check out the different journals available from Barnes and Noble. 

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