Back to School – Are You Ready?

As a working mother, this time of the year is a little bitter sweet. Part of me is ready for the structure of the school year but part of me is reluctant to let go of the slower pace of summer.

As career women our time of enjoying 10 or 12 weeks of nothing to do in the summer are long gone. But there is an easier cadence to summer without the stress of homework and sports and music lessons and all of the hurry-up of the school year.

Of course there is the annoying song our children begin to sing around this time of the summer.  You know that song, it is called:  “Mommy, I’m bored.”

For that reason alone we may be more than ready to send our kids off on the bus or away to college and get back to focusing on our work-a-day world.

There are tons of back to school sales, shopping lists and orientations that have begun to fill our schedule but are you really ready for back to school?

Are you wondering how your precious baby that just got out of diapers could possibly be heading off to high school? How could that be? You don’t look any different.  Not really.

How do you deal with the back to school blues? How do you deal with the fact that your children seem to grow up and away in less time than it takes Ariel to no longer be your daughter’s favorite Disney character? If you have little ones going to kindergarten or all day first grade this year – how will you deal with the first day? A friend of mine hopped in her car and followed the bus.  What will you do?

It’s time for back to school.  Are you ready?

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