Are You Living Your Passion?

I stumbled upon a book recently call “The Angel Inside” by Chris Widener. It is a book where the narrator talks about Michelangelo’s passion and how he had envisioned the magnificent David from a large slab of marble.

The author asks the question “are you living the life you want or a life someone else has chosen for you?” He talks about Michelangelo’s father who wanted the artist to be a merchant and was very much against any other life’s journey for his son. Imagine if Michelangelo had done what was expected of him, what other’s wanted for him, done what he “should” rather than following his passion.

Here is a quote from the book worth pondering:

There comes a time in every person’s life when they must decide whether they will follow what they want for their life or what someone else wants for their life.

What happens if you choose your own path? Will you disappoint someone? Shock someone? Embarrass someone?

Did you watch the Lifetime movie this weekend called Betty and Coretta? It chronicled the lives of two amazing wives, Malcolm X’s wife Betty and Dr. Martin Luther King’s wife Coretta.

Think of the time – the sixties – and the role of women, not to mention women of color. They were to be in the home caring for their families. The life expected of them was one of quiet support, keeping the home fires burning. And yet that was not the path either woman chose. They chose the most difficult path of all – continuing the message of their husbands, speaking in front of large crowds, bravely going where few, if any, other women would have gone. Why? It was their passion. Regardless of what others thought they should do, they chose their own path. It wasn’t easy, but it was what was right for them.

What path are you on? Is it YOUR path or a path someone else chose for you?