Are You Dr. Jekyll or Ms. Hyde?

Do you ever feel like you have two different personalities? The one you are normally and the one that appears when you are under stress.  Gee, good thing we aren’t under stress very often.


Okay – so if knowledge is power, how beneficial would it be to know what some of those traits are when you become stressful?  If you know in advance, perhaps you can help to avoid or dilute some of your more negative traits (yes, sadly we all have a few negative traits, much as we hate to admit it.)

Does your personality change when you are under stress?

I attended a conference not long ago where the presenter had us take a quiz that gave us a quick snapshot of our personality.  Are we a:





I imagine you have taken similar quizzes in your professional life, but as we learn and grow and dare I say it, age, some times components of who we are change.  So why not take a minute to fill out this General Core Snapshot and then compare it to the Attributes.   Click here to Take the core attributes quiz..

For example, if you are an organizer, during normal times you are detail oriented, reserved, factual and enjoy planning, however, when you are stressed you may become passive aggressive, stubborn and/or narrow minded.  Ouch.

How can you avoid falling into the trap of the stressful behavior? How about giving yourself a time out.  Here is an article on Adult Time Outs you might enjoy.

So which personality are you?

Here are a couple stress management articles that you might find interesting.

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Here is an interesting “lesson plan” for stress management with the four “A” of stress: avoid, alter, accept, adapt.  Check it out. Stress Management Lesson Plans