Are You an Organ Donor?

The other day we were talking about body language and the messages we unwittingly send with our bodies. It got me to thinking about how our bodies can continue giving after we are gone through the gift of organ donating.  March is Eye Donor month. Since 1983 the National Eye Donor Bank has selected March as the month focused on creating awareness around becoming an eye donor.

Each year, the Eye Bank Association of America’s (EBAA) 97 member eye banks make possible 50,000 sight-restoring corneal transplants. During National Eye Donor Month, the EBAA and its member banks will promote awareness of the need to donate eyes, honor the selfless acts of donors and celebrate the lives of cornea recipients.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services offers a wealth of information as to why it is important to consider being an organ donor and also some of the success stories. Sadly there are over 113,000 people (1800 children) waiting right now for an organ.

Donate Life America has a goal of signing up 20 million citizens in 2012 to agree to be an organ donor. You can sign up to donate organs, tissue, and corneas. In fact, this doesn’t have to be an end-of-life discussion as you are also able to providing living donations such as blood and kidneys. 

Interested in signing up? The next time you renew your driver’s license you can sign up for the program, or click on this link Register to be an Organ Donor and sign-up right now.

Remember I said March was Eye Donor month?  Here is a video of two brothers who own an Italian Ice shop sharing their story: