Alternative Leadership Roles for Purposeful Women

You are ready to take charge. You know you have the skills and experience necessary to be an effective leader but there just isn’t an opportunity within your organization. How do you become a leader when there isn’t an immediate opening?

Look outside your 9-5 work day for ways to be a leader in your community. Have you considered politics? There are many ways you can start small and yet still make an impact:

  • School board
  • Councilperson
  • Chamber Board
  • House of worship – Committee or Board chair
  • Girl/Boy Scouts – Advancement Leader
  • Non-Profit Organizations

Thursday Bram offers some important information in the article Finding Community Leadership Opportunities.  Bram offers a challenge:

Communities thrive because of their leaders. With few exceptions, though, there aren’t organizations seeking out potential leaders and training them at the community level. The right people have to figure out that they want to be leaders on their own, and go out to find leadership opportunities. They have to take the initiative.

We have to be proactive and seek out those opportunities – organizations and/or causes that line up with our passion and direction where our leadership skills make sense.

Delores Aiazzi shares her story of seeking out a leadership role in at article outlining her pursuit of becoming mayor of Reno. This past spring Reno had the most candidates it has ever seen for the preliminary election. One of those candidates was Ms. Aiazzi, a 28-year microbiologist and cancer survivor. Although she didn’t end up becoming the mayor, the courage and passion it took to pursue her dreams is inspiring. 

The company we work for isn’t the only place for leadership roles – as Thursday Bram says we need to “go out to find leadership opportunities” and then put our best foot forward.

Where have you sought out the opportunity to be a leader?