80% of women said NO to Remarrying, what has changed?

In a recent USA Weekend edition, actress Olivia Wilde was quoted as saying:

“We think, ‘Ooh, I need a boyfriend, that is what romance and life is about,’ when of course that isn’t what happiness is about at all. It’s about feeling confident and happy when you are by yourself.”

A survey taken of single women over the age of 50 asked “would you remarry?” More than 80% said no. What a change our culture has seen in the last several years. Gone is the stigma that to be happy you have to have a man in your life – the old knight in shining armour come to save the day.

Or is it gone?

All you have to do is pick up a Chick Lit fiction book or watch a romantic comedy to see a different scenario played out. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl “hook up” and fall in love.  Big misunderstanding ensues. Clarity over takes them thanks to their less than attractive best friend and boy and girl live happily ever after.

Just like real life! 

One of the things purposeful women face is the assumption that part of their happy, successful life needs to include a significant other. They can’t possibly be fulfilled without someone to share their life. 

What do you think? Do we need a man/woman – a special someone in order to be fulfilled? Or can we have a wonderful life feeling confident and happy even when we are by ourselves? That’s not to say that having a special person in our life isn’t wonderful – but is it a requirement? Share your opinion, we all have one, on our Facebook page.