7 Characteristics of Successful Business Women

When you think of a successful business women; someone who appears to have it all, what would you say is their most valuable characteristic? Intelligence? Creativity? Balance?  CG McIntire published an article on their site entitled the Essential Key Characteristics For Business Women. See if you agree:

  1. Sell the Vision
  2. Reinvent the Rules
  3. Achieve With A Laser Focus
  4. Use High-Touch in a High-Tech Era
  5. Challenge or Opportunity? 
  6. A Customer Preference Obsession
  7. Courage Under Fire

Devon Fleming, author of the Pink Book shares her thoughts about business women and talks about their strengths being the fact that we are always “on” and that we possess leadership and entrepreneurial skills that can be used whether we are a single mom or running the country. Her motto is:

“Surround yourself with the best team and then delegate – ask for help.”

Delegation is key and was missing from that list in the Essential Characteristics article. We are strong, we are smart and we have a take charge, I can do it, attitude yet often we forget that there are others around us that can lend a helping hand. If we learn to delegate and ask for help as Devon Fleming suggestions we may find that we are available to accomplish even more in our lives.

So finish this sentence: “The most important characteristic of a successful business women is____________________________”

Listen to the Devon Fleming interview on reinventing yourself as a business women.