15 Questions to Guide Your Journey

Everywhere I look, I find an example of someone either trying to redirect their lives or sharing their tips on how to traverse this adventure called life.

From the Jim Carrey movie Yes Man in which he approaches life by saying yes to everything, to a new book by Donald Miller called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: How to Live a Better Story to my own book A Working Woman’s GPS: When the plan to have it all has led you astray, due out later this summer.

Each offers a different approach. Food for thought.

I recently ran across a great article by  Tina Su called Life on Purpose 15 Questions to Discover Your Personal Mission. She shares her own personal journey to create a mission statement for her life and through the process developed 15 questions that helped focus her thought process.

Here are the first eight questions:

1.What makes you smile? (Activities, people, events, hobbies, projects, etc.)

2. What are your favorite things to do in the past? What about now?

3. What activities make you lose track of time?

4. What makes you feel great about yourself?

5. Who inspires you most? (Anyone you know or do not know. Family, friends, authors, artists, leaders, etc.) Which qualities inspire you, in each person?

6. What are you naturally good at? (Skills, abilities, gifts etc.)

7. What do people typically ask you for help in?

8. If you had to teach something, what would you teach

As you get out your pad and pencil and begin to craft answers to these thought provoking questions you can quickly see how your answers may differ from the activities that fill your day.  A bit of  a disconnect. It is that disconnect that has led me to write my own book.

Working women, business women, stay at home women all face the same challenges; living the li fe others think you should versus living the life you desire.

How do we combine the two? Do we?

Do you have a personal mission statement that guides your life? Please share it here or over on our Facebook  Purposeful Woman page. How did you get there?

Interested in the rest of the fifteen questions? Read Tina’s complete article.