101 Dreams Come True Contest

In One Year What Could You Do? Join the 101 Dreams Come True Contest before Dec 15th and Enter to Win A Dominie Luxury Handbag filled with Signed Books. Register, in just 3 mins, today: http://bit.ly/17RcUlL

  • What if there were no rules?
  • What if you weren’t afraid?
  • What would you want?

Choose one dream this year you’ve always wanted to pursue. Go after it with all your heart while being part of a supportive community. Everyone has a list of dreams – the things we say we’ll do someday. But someday never comes. What if in this next year 2014 you chose one dream and made it come true? What if you had the support of a large community and guidance the whole way to help you? And what if there were prizes along the way to keep you motivated? Would you take the chance? 

What could you win?

Accomplish your dream and you could…

  • Win a Dream Vacation to Napa to Attend Castello Di Amorosa’s Royal Hearts Gala

Join the 101 Dreams Come True Contest. Sign up before Dec 15th and Refer Your Friends
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