10 Tips for Happiness Pope-Style

Pope Francis recently celebrated another birthday and shared his 10 tips for happiness. No matter what our religion, age, gender, economics, or ethnicity, you’ll see these 10 tips apply to everyone. I have selected just five to share with you in this article:

Let everyone be themselves. “The Romans have a saying, which can be taken as a point of reference,” Pope Francis said. “They say: Campa e lascia campà (Live and let live). That’s the first step to peace and happiness.”

Give yourself tirelessly to others. “If one gets tired, one runs the risk of being egoistic, and stagnant water is the first to be corrupted.”

Be available to your kids and family. “Consumerism has led to the anxiety of losing,” the Pope said, which has pushed people to spend less time at home and more time pursuing wealth. But Pope Francis said people should invest more time in “healthy leisure”:

Work toward empowering young people. The pope discussed the need to find creative ways to help young people secure employment so that they may feel the “dignity of bringing home the bacon.”

Move on. Pope Francis encouraged finding ways to more quickly move forward after negative experiences. Forgiveness is key for this, as is having the willingness to let the next moment be better than the last.

Sometimes when we are making changes in our lives the change necessary is more than we can bare. By just selecting a few of the Pope’s tips – ones that perhaps resonate with where you are today, you will have better success in your journey.

The last one listed above – Move On – is especially great advice for business women today. Some times we get passed over for a project or promotion and have difficulty moving on. Or our company is acquired and new management wants to change the process of your role in the company. Change can be challenging. The idea of finding a way to “move on” is a positive way of saying, let’s get on with our lives and find the next opportunity that is just around the bend.

Which of the Pope’s tips speaks to you?  To read the entire article, click here. Pope Francis Shares top 10 tips for happiness.