10 Career Potholes to Avoid

constructionThis past week I was a guest on Live on Lakeside talking about potholes that we should avoid in business.  Here is a link to the Career Potholes video with the complete interview.

In a nutshell, here are the ten things to avoid:

  1. Declining key networking events where you might meet influential or interesting people
  2. Sharing too much personal information at work
  3. Dressing for your old role rather than the career you want to have
  4. Not taking the time to develop effective relationships
  5. Avoiding difficult conversations in key meetings
  6. Not asking to be considered for a promotion or key project
  7. Not aligning yourself with industry data – stay on top of the news
  8. Dodging difficult projects or projects you feel ill equipped to handle
  9. Not defining your own goals for your career
  10. Staying at a job for the wrong reasons

Do any of these ring true for you? Sometimes change can be difficult or even a little frightening, but if you continue with things the way they are you may never achieve the goals you’ve dreamed of. Take a listen to the entire conversation on Career Potholes – and then pick on the one career pothole that you know you are guilty of and create a plan to change your behavior.